Sound Reinforcement

Clean, Contemporary Equipment. Because you take pride in your events, we take pride in our appearance. Our equipment is well maintained and clean. Modern digital equipment means our Front of House setup (the mixing board and processing equipment) takes up the least real estate possible. That means there's more room for your audience.

Flexibility. We specialize in small to mid-size venues, audiences between 50 and 2000, and with our partners, we can handle numbers as large as 5000. We offer a variety of system configurations. Whether you want a low-key PA system that blends into the background, or you want one that's part of the show, we've got you covered!

Affordability. Our goal is to bring the highest value available to the small/mid venue market. Small audio system rentals begin at only $90, and that includes setup and tear down!

Peace of Mind. We take pride in our work. Part of that pride is keeping the performers and audience safe. But if some audio system related accident were to occur, you can rest assured that our audio tech is fully insured.