Other Services

Synchronization, Mastering, Searchlight, Digitization, and Noise Reduction Services

• Audio/Video Synchronization
Did you record your event on camera, but the sound is compressed, hollow, or otherwise wacky? Meanwhile, you also recorded the audio directly from the mixing board, but you can't get it to sync up with the camera audio? Odds are, we can mix the two audio sources and put a DVD together for you, resulting in vastly improved audio.  
• Audio Mastering
Need another set of ears to tweek you final mix? Give our Mastering service a try. Our rates are affordable and satisfaction is guaranteed; you only pay if you like the results.   
• Searchlight Rental
Why not demand some attention! Our 3-mile Sky Cannon scans the night with a focused beam of light, drawing attention from miles away. Add a bit of Hollywood pizzazz to your wedding, festival, concert, or sporting event. Rentals start at only $129.00   
• Cassette / Tape / LP Digitization
Do you have some treasured old cassettes or records you'd like converted to CD? Our digitization services can get it done. You can choose from Preservation, transferring the exact sound of the existing source into a digital format for the sake of archiving, or Restoration, digitizing the source and removing noise caused by degradation or damage. 
• Noise Reduction
Do you need some audio cleaned up? We have the equipment and know-how to extract desired audio from recordings with a great deal of background or even foreground noise. Whether for forensic purposes or just to hear your whispering child's performance in the school play, we can make your recordings more valuable.  

Contact us for pricing and more information on any of these services.