Live Recording

Why record your event?
1. Reference.

A live stereo recording is a great way to review your band's performance, song selection, crowd response, and more. 

2. Posterity.

Special events can be recorded for the sake of memory. You can even use it to convince your kids you were cool, once! 

3. Live Album.

Live recordings capture a vibe and energy that can be difficult to reproduce in the studio. Yes, there is the possibility of performance mistakes, but with our multi-track recording options, it is possible to fix errors afterwards. 

4. Affordability.

One set worth of time in a studio is expensive... two or three sets even more so! A live recording is a great way to get a lot of tracks down at a relatively low expense. In fact, mixing and matching from two or three separate performances is still less expensive than typical studio time. 

5. Convenience.

The band's all there! There are no scheduling conflicts! Live recording is the perfect option if you use hired backing bands or guest performers, if it's a special event, or if your band is just plain busy.

Your performance is captured in high quality digital formats. 

In the case of a simple Live Stereo recording, the master output of the mixing board is recorded in standard MP3 format onto a USB thumb drive (yours to keep!). It is compatible with virtually all computers and media players. 

Live 16-track recordings are captured to a computer hard drive at a 24-bit depth in WAV format, compatible with all major DAW's, including Sonar, ProTools, Logic, and more. If you'd like to mix the tracks yourself, or you have a favorite studio/engineer, the Raw Tracks option is a great choice. If you'd like a quality mix ready for your CD player or duplication, choose Basic Mix or Full Production options. See the Recording Price List for more information. Feel free to contact us with any questions, about recording, sound, or lights! 

- All Live 16-track options require notice prior to the performance date in order to make equipment arrangements. Live Stereo recordings can be purchased anytime, even between sets! 

We except credit card payments via PayPal!